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Other colleges and universities are soliciting enrollment of the same top-prospect students you are interested in. Making sure your school gets noticed is what we do best.

Our dimensional direct mail formats deliver your message wrapped in an engaging interactive experience. When students are considering their options, the message that was inventive, engaging and memorable will be top-of-their-minds. We can make sure that message will be yours.

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Rutgers Exploding Page

Rutgers School of Business used the Exploding Page design to deliver information about its business program to prospective students. The self-mailer appears to be a standard looking direct mail piece on the outside, but when opened up, it expands to twice its original size. The inside of the mailer contained information about the different programs offered by this prestigious school.

Seton Hall Rolling Cube

Seton Hall University chose our Rolling Cube to deliver information on their university to prospective students. This is one of our most interactive pieces. When you pull the cube from the mailer it keeps unfolding to reveal multiple cubes of information. Words don't do it justice - be sure to click on the flash movie to see it in action!

Boston University Pop-up Building

Boston University used this custom pop-up building to promote a new building on campus. It was simple, yet engaging. It also mailed flat which saved postage, and created a desktop piece that was fun and attention-grabbing.

CSU Pueblo Pop-up Mailer

CSU Pueblo used this unique pop-up mailer to attract new students. With plenty of copy space they were able to highlight all of the great features of the university. The attention-grabbing pop-up cube made standing out to the young potential students, a piece of cake.

University of Washington Tacoma flat cube

UW Tacoma created this cool recruitment mailer that went out to prospective students. When the recipient opens the envelope, a cube pops out with testimonials from real students! The cube also contains a QR code which drives to a landing page where you can learn more about the school.

Dakota State University Recruitment Campaign

Dakota State University (DSU) used our patented Extendo to deliver information about its superior technology offerings to prospective students. The mailer was used to promote a new tablet program for students. One of the panels featured a QR code that launched an enrollment site.

Southern New Hampshire University Cube Mailer

Southern New Hampshire University used the pop-up cube to recruit and ask prospective students how they would define the ultimate college experience. That question was featured on the outside of the mailer. When you opened it up, a cube popped up from the inside the mailer with impactful imagery and information about the school.

Asbury University Recruitment Mailer

Asbury University chose our Flat Cube design to send information about its school to prospective students. This mailer ships flat, but when you open it up, a cube immediately pops out from the inside to deliver information to the recipient.

Sweet Briar College Direct Mail Flapper

The Flapper is one of our most popular and effective direct mail solutions. Add bright colors and imagery to its multiple panels, and you have a show-stopper! That is exactly what Sweet Briar College did to this iteration of the Flapper which was used to recruit new students.

UC Riverside Recruits with Eye-Catching Direct Mail

UC Riverside chose this dimensional folder to send out information about its different colleges to accepted students. The piece starts off as a seemingly flat printed folder, but when you open it up, an intricate pop-up immediately rises from the center. Each corner of the piece featured individual mini folders, each containing step-by-step instructions on how to get started with enrollment.

SUNY Reaches Out with a POP

Our flat-cube is one of our most dynamic and exciting designs. This one was used by SUNY Adirondack Community College to send information about its college to prospective students. The cube immediately pops up when you remove it from the mail sleeve.

Happy Holidays from City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago used this pop-up card to wish students and prospective students a Happy Holiday season as well as to build excitement around their future building plans.

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